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Effortlessly add custom fields on Google Calendar events
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How Custom Fields Works?


Install the Custom Fields add-on from Chrome Web Store.



Upon installation, you will notice additional buttons enabled on Google Calendar event details page. Please watch the video for a detailed walkthrough.



For the initial setup, you'll need to log in to your Google account to get started.

Top Features of Custom Fields

The Custom Fields for Google Calendar™ extension allows event organizers to create personalized fields that can be used to include additional information not present in a standard event details page. These custom fields offer a useful and straightforward way to provide more context and details about an event.

Field Types Supported

Event organizers can create fields with various types such as text, checkboxes, radio buttons, color pickers, dropdown, and more to put additional information. Whether it's about meeting protocols, food choices, opinions, or surveys, these fields help organizers connect with their guests and collect feedback.

Custom Field Types
Custom Field Survey Responses

Collect Attendee Responses

The "Survey" option enables guests to actively provide their responses on a field. Organizers can then view and analyze all guest's feedback/surveys related to the event.

Roles Based Access

All fields adhere to guest permissions, allowing only those with modification access to edit a field.

Permission Based Access
Quick Preview

Quick Inline Editing

Easily edit custom fields with our inline editor which includes a convenient quick preview. The ability to see a live representation of how the field will appear on the actual page provides a great flexibility.

Easy Data Access

You can seamlessly access the fields on both the event details page and the calendar view, providing a native experience. You will feel like the fields are part of Google Calendar interface.

Easy Data Access

Plans that work for you


We provide scalable pricing models and volume discounts for all our enterprise customers. Here are the main advantages you'll receive as a valued enterprise customer:

  • Priority phone support and one-on-one screen sharing if needed.
  • Customization to fit your specific needs (if technically feasible).
  • Get additional volume discounts with bulk orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a custom field?

To create a custom field, simply install the application, then go to the event details page and click on the "Custom Field" button. This will activate the plus icons, allowing you to add custom fields at different locations.

Can I create a custom field at any position on the screen?

Yes, you can create a custom field at any location on the event details page.

Who can view my custom fields?

Your custom fields are viewable by all invited guests to the event and those who have installed the application. Those with editing privileges can also make changes to the custom fields.

Is my data secure?

Yes, we give utmost priority to data security and strictly adhere to GDPR compliance.

Who can see the survey responses?

Only event organizers have access to view the survey responses.

Can I use this app on my mobile?

Unfortunately no, it only works on a desktop browser as of now.

I've installed it, but I can't locate any button on my event details page. How can I use it?

After installation, you should see an additional button on your event details page for adding new custom fields. If you can't locate it, try refreshing the page. We recommend watching the detailed demo video for guidance.

What is the quickest way to duplicate a custom field that I created in a previous event?

There exists a feature to bookmark a custom field for future use. When creating fields for an event, you can easily clone from an existing bookmarked field.

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