Monitor and record live events and data from your Shopify store in real-time
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How Logify Works?


Install Logify app from the Shopify App Store.



After installation, setup the categories of logs you want to record or if you want to see staff activities along with the author's name, instruct your staff members to install the Logify Chrome Extension on their browsers as an additional step.



Logify will keep recording the events in real-time as it happens on your store.

Top Features of Logify

Important Event Logs

This log category records significant and crucial logs that occur in the Shop which are created by Admin or Staffs.

Logify Important Event Logs
Logify Admin Logs

Admin Logs

These logs capture a wide range of activities taking place within your shop's admin interface, including cart, checkout, order, refund, fulfilment, inventory, product, customers and many more.

Staff Logs

These logs include all activities that your staff members perform in the admin interface. The best part of this log category is that it displays the name of the author.

Logify Staff Logs
Logify Resource Logs

Resource Logs

Resource logs provide a Graphical visualization of the logs in the form of Heatmap and Bar Chart. The heatmap visually represents the count of logs on a day-by-day basis. The bar chart, on the other hand, shows the activities on the resources at different times of the day.

Plans that work for you


We provide scalable pricing models and volume discounts for all our enterprise customers. Here are the main advantages you'll receive as a valued enterprise customer:

  • Priority phone support and one-on-one screen sharing if needed.
  • Customization to fit your specific needs (if technically feasible).
  • Get additional volume discounts with bulk orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I don't see some of my logs?

To access admin logs, ensure that the relevant logs are activated in your account settings. If you need staff logs, ensure that all your staff members have installed the Logify Chrome Extension.

Why some logs don't show the author names?

Author names are available only in Staff Logs and Important Event Logs. Admin logs do not display author names.

Can I see the logs of the events that happened to prior to the app installation?

The Important Event Logs are the only ones that capture activities occured before the app installation, while all other logs shows events that happened after the app is installed.

My quota are finished. What can I do ?

You can either upgrade to the next plan or you can recharge add-on with more quota points.

Can I download my logs ?

Yes you can download the logs

Is my data secure?

Yes, we give utmost priority to data security and strictly adhere to GDPR compliance


At our core, we prioritize respect for your privacy by integrating robust privacy measures into all our products and processes to ensure the safety and security of the data you entrust to us. Our privacy and data protection program operates within the bounds of current data protection laws and aligns with your preferences as a customer.