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Unlock countless of new features in Google Slides with Slide Theatre!
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How to Install Slide Theatre ?


Install Slide Theatre from Google Apps Market Place.



You can find a new menu: Slide Theatre at the top navigation bar. Click on that to get started.



If you don't see any submenu under the Slide Theatre menu, the most likely reason is that you're logged in to Google Chrome with multiple accounts. If the issue persists feel free to email us at

Top Features of Slide Theatre

Enhance your Google Slide experience

Export Google Slides as Videos, GIFs, Image Sequences

Easily add animations to individual slides and transitions between them in Google Slides. Control the timing of each slide's appearance in your exported video or GIF by setting specific durations. Personalize your exported video or GIF by including your brand logo. Customize settings for each slide according to your preferences. Download your slides as a sequence of images with the customized file name.

Export Google Slides as Videos, GIFs, Image Sequences
Insert Audio, Video, Screen Recordings

Screen, Audio and Video Recording

Capture both audio and video while recording your screen, and then easily put in your into your Google Slide presentation. Choose to record either the entire screen or just a specific tab. Capture a video or take a snapshot and insert in your presentaion.

Download Speaker Notes

Download your speaker notes as a CSV file for easy access and organization. Additionally, print the notes alongside your slides for comprehensive documentation and presentation.

Speaker Notes
Slides Progress Bar

Progress Bar

Choose between a linear or circular progress bar style and customize both the background and progress colors to suit your preferences. During the slideshow, the progress bar provides clear visual cues, indicating the number of slides completed and the remaining slides in your presentation.

Insert word cloud

Enhance your slides by inserting Word Clouds to make them visually more appealing. Customize the orientation and appearance of the word cloud to match your style and elevate your presentation

Insert Word Cloud
Summary Slides

Summary Slide

Create a Summary Slide where all other sildes will be listed and easily link to them. It will facilitate a swift and efficient review of all the slides.

Slide Cast

Cast Google Slides alongside YouTube to add more information to your video. Integrate segments or entire videos to provide better explanations and add depth to your topics.

Slide Cast

Plans that work for you


We provide scalable pricing models and volume discounts for all our enterprise customers. Here are the main advantages you'll receive as a valued enterprise customer:

  • Priority phone support and one-on-one screen sharing if needed.
  • Customization to fit your specific needs (if technically feasible).
  • Get additional volume discounts with bulk orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to insert one audio file per Google Slide?

No, As of now, you can't do that. You can only insert one audio for the entire presentation.

Video rendering is taking 2-5 minutes. Is there a way to reduce this time?

No, video rendering usually takes time. If you want it to be quicker, avoid using zoom and pan animations

Is it possible to download all Google Slides in image format?

Yes, You can download all Google Slides in image fromat.

Is my data secure ?

Yes, we give utmost priority to data security and strictly adhere to GDPR compliance. We don't store your data, they are actually synced to Excel or Google sheet in realtime.

At our core, we prioritize respect for your privacy by integrating robust privacy measures into all our products and processes to ensure the safety and security of the data you entrust to us. Our privacy and data protection program operates within the bounds of current data protection laws and aligns with your preferences as a customer.