SyncSheet is a tool which essentially syncs data from MS Excel to Google Spreadsheet and vice-versa
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How SyncSheet Works ?

Step 1 

Install SyncSheet add-in from the Microsoft Store and complete the login process to get started.


Step 2

Create a sync rule for your requirement by specifying the Excel sheet to sync with its corresponding Google Sheet.


Step 3

Click on pull/push button to start the data syncing.

Top Features of SyncSheet

SyncSheet allows you to efficiently synchronize data between Google Sheet and Excel Sheet. Sync cell values, background colors, font colors, cell formulas, font size and other supported formattings.

Syncsheet Push Data

Push Data ⏫

Sync data from an Excel sheet → Google Sheet. You have the option to push all sheets at once, a single sheet, or the selected sheet.

Pull Data ⏬

Retrieve data from a Google Sheet → Excel Sheet with a simple button click. Similar to the push, you can fetch all sheets at once or choose to fetch only a specific sheet.

Syncsheet Pull Data
Syncsheet Multiple Sheets data

Sync with Multiple Sheets

You can easily sync data between a single Excel Sheet and multiple Google Sheets. This helps you put together all the data you need in Excel from different places on Google Sheets, making it simpler for you to work with everything at one place.

Rich Data Format Support 😎

SyncSheet preserves the format and formulas during synchronization. It can sync formattings like background colors, font styles, font colors, formulas, borders etc.

Syncsheeet Rich Data Format Support
Syncsheet Specific Range

Sync Specific Range 🔀

If you ever need to sync only a specific range that is even possible with different range options like ALL_DATA_RANGE, CURRENTLY_DELECTED_RANGE.

Plans that work for you


We provide scalable pricing models and volume discounts for all our enterprise customers. Here are the main advantages you'll receive as a valued enterprise customer:

  • Priority phone support and one-on-one screen sharing if needed.
  • Customization to fit your specific needs (if technically feasible).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limitation on number of push and pull I can do?

No, there is no such limitations.

Does it support MAC?

Yes, it supports both MAC and Windows. We have recently started supporting MAC.

Why SyncSheet is free?

Syncsheet is currently available for free, but we have a plan to introduce a subscription based plan in the near future.

Does it work on web version of the Excel?

Yes, it works on both the desktop and web versions of Excel.

Is my data secure?

Yes, we give utmost priority to data security and strictly adhere to GDPR compliance. We don't store your data, they are actually synced to Excel or Google sheet in realtime.

Can I trigger the sync automatically every 5 mins?

Currently, automatic syncing feature is not available. However, we are actively working on implementing this functionality, and soon you will be able to use it.

Which desktop Excel version does it support?

It is compatible with Excel versions 2016 and newer, including Excel 365.

At our core, we prioritize respect for your privacy by integrating robust privacy measures into all our products and processes to ensure the safety and security of the data you entrust to us. Our privacy and data protection program operates within the bounds of current data protection laws and aligns with your preferences as a customer.