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Make your Google Chat experience more exciting with Chat Plus
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How to Install Chat Plus ?


Install Chat Plus Chrome Extension from the Webstore.



After installation, navigate to Google Chat and you will notice additional features with "cp" icons. In case you can't locate them, just refresh the page.



Go through one-time login with Google to get started.

Top Features of Chat Plus

Get most out of Google Chat

Send Audio Message

Use the audio recorder to record your message, and it will automatically convert it into a URL. You can either download it as an mp3 or share it in a message right away.

Send Audio Message
Screen Audio Video Recordings

Screen, Audio and Video Recording

Capture both audio and video while recording your screen, and then easily send it as an attachment within the google chat interface. You can choose to record either the entire screen or just a specific tab. Record a video or capture a snapshot and share it directly in the chat.


Swiftly sketch, write, and conduct initial analysis on the sketchpad, then share the results as an image.

Speech to Text

Speech To Text

Transcribe speech in various languages into text and send it in the chat. It also supports Unicode characters.

Location Sharing

Share either your current location or any arbitrary location in Google Chat. The shared location comes with a link to Google Map.

Location Sharing Chat Plus
Encrypt Message Chat Plus

Encrypt and Decrypt Message

Secure your confidential message by encrypting it with a password, protecting it from prying eyes.

Set a Bookmark

Bookmark your important messages and save them to your bookmark list for quick reference at a later time.

Chat Plus Bookmark
Chat Plus Reminder

Set a Reminder

Schedule reminders for your important messages to receive timely notifications. Assists in ensuring you never miss your weekly stand-up meeting again.

Schedule a Message

Schedule a message to be sent at a later time. This helps address timezone challenges and ensures messages are delivered when team members are active and are more likely to see and respond them.

Chat Plus Scheduled Message
Chat Plus more Features

More features

  1. Code and Code Block: Send your code pre-formatted to maintain its structure and readability.
  2. Color And Audio Preview: Get a quick preview of the Hex Colors and Audio links present in the chat.
  3. Text Transform: Convert your lengthy messages that you've typed into lowercase, UPPERCASE, Sentence case, Capitalize and toGGle Case.
  4. Quote Text: Quote either a selected part of a message or the entire message.

Plans that work for you


We provide scalable pricing models and volume discounts for all our enterprise customers. Here are the main advantages you'll receive as a valued enterprise customer:

  • Priority phone support and one-on-one screen sharing if needed.
  • Customization to fit your specific needs (if technically feasible).
  • Get additional volume discounts with bulk orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Google Sign-in required?

Google sign-in is required for managing user account which is necessary for some features such as Reminder, Schedule Message, Bookmarking etc.

Which browser does it support ?

As of now Chat Plus only supports Chromium based browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge, Opera etc.

I encrypted a message but forgot the password, how can I view that message ?

Sorry to say, if the password is lost the message cannot be recovered. Hence we strongly advise using a single password for all your messages and store it at a secrure place.

What is the purpose of the Quote button in Chat Plus?

Although Google Chat now includes built-in support for message quoting, it's worth noting that the Chat Plus quote button becomes valuable when you need to quote only a specific part of a text.

I installed the Extension but don't see any features enabled, what should I do ?

After installation, you will notice additional features with "cp" icons on Google Chat page. In case you can't locate them, just refresh the page. If the issue persists try reaching out to our support team for assistance.

I like Chat Plus where can I leave a testimonial ?

We love to see words from our customers. You can always leave us a review at Chrome Webstore. You can always send your feedback or feature request on our support page.

At our core, we prioritize respect for your privacy by integrating robust privacy measures into all our products and processes to ensure the safety and security of the data you entrust to us. Our privacy and data protection program operates within the bounds of current data protection laws and aligns with your preferences as a customer.